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Knowledge Presents

On 6/17, the atmosphere at the main gate of Thanh Cong park- Lang Ha street- Ba Dinh district- Ha Noi was much more bustling than usual. Nearly 20 volunteers of the “Vietnamese Youth Volunteer” social organization, established from the Olympia Forum, came to hold the “Knowledge Presents” Festival to subscribe books, textbooks, studying and living utensils for children in difficult situations of Simacai, a mountainous district of Lao Cai province.
All people came by and saw the message: “Have you ever been bothered by your old books and newspaper? What do you know about Simacai? Do you know what to do?
Don’t wait any longer…” self-designed and drawn on the white board by the youngsters.
Hoang Minh Chau- 11 English 2 grader of Hanoi-Amsterdam with both of her parents came subscribe books. Mrs. Trinh Thi Khanh, Chau’s mother and employee of Hanoi
Trade Corporation, said: “Minh Chau is the only girl in our family. Yesterday I was very happy to see her asking for clothes and sorting hers to give children at the mountainous area. We’re very glad that our young girl loves and helps others.”
It is hard to describe the happiness on Tran Binh Minh’s face, who is an 11 Physics grader of the General University and lives at 210- D2- Giang Vo Apartment, when he lumbered with a very big bag of clothes and studying utensils for the children.
The members of the Vietnamese Youth Volunteer have not only subscribed books, clothes and studying utensils, but also carried out many other projects: tutor English and science subjects to children at shelters in Hanoi and nearby; organize Mid Fall Festival, Christmas, Children’s Day for the children in difficult situations, etc. Leader of the Vietnamese Youth Volunteer in the North informed: Now we’ve been giving free tutor to the children at Ha Cau Orphanage, Ha Dong town, Ha Tay province. The class has been held for almost 2 months. Our next plan is to continue subscribing money to buy notebooks and pens for the children. The group’s members planned to appeal and subscribe about 20 millions VND (in which 10 millions for notebooks and studying utensils, and 10 millions for the expense of transporting and commuting in Simacai). It is very hard but the whole group is really determined.”
There are 20 days left as planned (on 7/7/2007) until the group starts the trip. Hieu, a member of the group, said: “Besides the books for the children, we will establish book
shelves named “Vietnamese Youth Volunteer” at some villages in Simacai. The group will hold some performances and knowledge contests as a version of the “Way to the
Olympia peak” for the children when we’re there. We certainly will bring much happiness to the children in Simacai.”
An article in TUOI TRE THU DO Newspaper
Source: http://docbao.dec.vn/enewsdetail/27/9709/9709/default.dec

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